Our Favorite Seafood Side Dishes

Are you scouring the internet, wondering what to make with your seafood entrée this evening? Pairing your seafood dish with the perfect sides does not have to be a challenging task. Your main attraction will go perfectly with a classic veggie sauté or buttery pasta. No matter what delicious dish you’re preparing, we’ll help you take the guesswork out of seafood side dishes so your focus can be on your succulent lobster, snow crab, or salmon fillets.  Once you decide on the seafood dish you are planning to make, your side dishes can be as simple and classic as lightly seasoned steamed broccoli or more eye-pleasing and flavorful like seafood stuffed bell peppers.


Sides Dishes for Salmon

When it comes to salmon's bold flavors, our favorite side dish suggestions tend to be healthy grains and leafy greens. A rich Alaskan Sockeye Salmon offers a rich flavor your side dishes should never outdo. May we suggest a crisp spinach and kale salad with a light sprinkling of sunflower seeds? Top your side salad with a light Honey Dijon Vinaigrette dressing for the perfect seasoning. We love serving up a nutritious side of brown rice, making it a healthy gluten-free addition to many seafood entrées.


Snow Crab Sides

Everyone enjoys snow crab, and jumbo snow crab legs and drawn butter are almost perfect flying solo. For your dinner guests who can break away from the sweet flavors of your snow crab entrée, we suggest a side of roasted garlic asparagus or your favorite vegetable medley sauté to hit the spot. Your snow crabs will pair well with a blend of minced garlic, mushrooms, baby carrots, and snow peas. We recommend a thyme and sea salt roasted red potato dish for your heartier snow crab side desires. Your snow crab’s extra drawn butter is perfect for drizzling over the potatoes.

If snow crab claws happen to sound appealing to you, we have just what you’re looking for through our selection of seafood online. With impeccable seafood delivery service right to your doorstep, you’ll be serving snow crab claws or extra-large snow crab legs next to a bed of quinoa in a matter of days.


Perfect Lobster Pairings

Nothing says seafood feast like an eight-ounce lobster tail. Whether you’re dining for two for a special occasion or entertaining a group of guests, our wild-caught lobster tails may steal the spotlight. With a firm texture and deliciously sweet taste, you won’t go wrong pairing your lobster tails with a bowl of creamy lobster bisque and French baguets. Feeling a little adventurous? A savory green bean and bacon casserole or lobster and crab stuffed mushrooms work well with both lobster claws and tails. And you will never hear a complaint when you serve your lobster tail with a side of white wine sautéed shrimp and bay scallops. 


Mahi-Mahi Sides

The mild flavorings of lean Mahi-Mahi cuts are delicious for sautéing, grilling, or baking. For a more traditional flare, serve a citrusy side salad complete with tidbits of pineapple and orange. A citrus vinaigrette will round out the salad nicely. A side of lightly breaded and freshly fried calamari is always a crowd-pleaser, while grilled summer squash will complement your light and healthy Mahi-Mahi dinner.   


Shrimp: Main Dish or Side Dish

We’ll never choose between the two and find that most people feel the same. There are too many excellent shrimp preparations, so the main dish or side dish is always an option in our book.

We highly recommend our Gulf Pink Shrimp as a side dish to lobster, crab legs, or any fish fillet. If you’re preparing jumbo prawns as your feature, we recommend laying them on a bed of herb rice pilaf and a side of cracked pepper and parmesan baked cauliflower.  Setting aside a few prawns for a stuffed and bacon-wrapped appetizer or side dish will leave your dinner guests longing for more. And if you happen to have seafood leftover – but honestly, who does – toss them into a mac and cheese mixture as tomorrow’s lunch or yet another side dish!


Sashimi Side Options

Our seafood delivery options include an array of sashimi-grade seafood selections. If you are not a regular sashimi or sushi connoisseur, we’re happy to provide you with our favorite complementary side dish options. A traditional seaweed salad is full of flavors from ginger, soy sauce, and sesame oil. You may also choose to blend your seaweed salad with a few of your favorite leafy greens, edamame, avocado, and cucumber, or choose to serve each as its side dish. Sashimi pairs well with tempura vegetables usually made up of carrots, zucchini, onions, and mushrooms.

If you prefer a slightly more filling sashimi side dish, vinegar rice is a perfect choice. With this side, you'll have what you need to turn your sashimi cuts into traditional sushi. Add a bit of soy sauce and extra trimmings, and serve your sashimi with a side of hearty fried rice. And, sashimi is never complete without a piping hot bowl of miso soup or udon noodle soup.


Our Seafood Delivery Service

Our farmed and wild seafood delivery selections offer all your exotic and hard to find needs as well as your seafood selections you cook with often. Vacuum packed to ensure freshness, our seafood delivery allows you to create the finest meals and side dishes within days of ordering. Our recyclable foam container and dry ice packaging ensure your seafood delivery arrives with proper preparation and care. You’ll love our selection of seafood online, from five to eight-ounce lobster tails and lobster bisque to sashimi-grade seafood delivered to your home. With undeniable quality you’ll taste from the first bite, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try our seafood delivery services before.

As you sit down to plan your weekly meals or upcoming events and celebrations, visit our seafood selection. Your seafood meal options are endless, from the Great Lakes to Ocean Caught Fish to our wild-caught caviar.