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Shipping & General Information

Flat Rate Shipping to all U.S Customers (Excluding AK & HI) 

Order totals between $99 to $199 ship for $19.95

Orders over $200.00 will automatically receive FREE SHIPPING

All orders must be placed by 12 pm EST on the corresponding day for each zone or the order will go out the following eligible shipping day. We cannot ship to PO Boxes, FPO or APO. 

Minimum Order Size?

We require all orders to contain at least $99 worth of seafood before we can ship. Feel free to mix and match different items to hit the minimum order size 

Why am I paying for shipping?

All online food retailers charge for shipping. The difference between Oceanside Seafood and other companies is that we don't work the cost of shipping into each product. When you pay for a product that has shipping costs included in the price of the product, you end up paying for shipping each time you add an item to the cart. For customers who like to choose a wide selection of items, they pay for shipping far beyond what the retailer is paying the carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc.). We simplify the process and charge for shipping separately. We feel this is much easier on the customer and we can keep costs lower overall.

How will my Seafood Order be packed? 

We package our products within a recyclable foam container and keep the items cold using dry ice. The items will arrive frozen solid and only require you to place them inside your freezer until you choose to use them. Most packages will arrive with a taped paper bag containing the dry ice on the top and bottom of the package. We also place bubble wrap between the dry ice packages and the product to reduce contact with the product directly. The paper bags containing dry ice should only be handled with gloves and either discarded or left in the box to dissipate over the course of a day or two. 

Why choose Frozen Seafood?

Oceanside Seafood sells only frozen seafood. In this modern time, technology has improved to the point that the term fresh has no definitive meaning like it once did. Many experts and chefs have stated recently that blast and quick frozen seafood rivals or surpasses the quality of most consumer available fresh products. 

The word fresh today only means that the item was never frozen. As we all know, it takes very little time for a raw fish fillet to go bad. The quick freezing methods being used today can freeze the cells of meat fast enough that they remain undamaged, while additionally maintaining a firm texture.

Farmed Raised or Wild?

All of our products will list the country of origin and whether it was farmed or wild. We tend to look for the best possible combination of both to ensure the highest quality is available to our customers.

One item of concern tends to be farm raised seafood. We generally try to carry “ocean raised” instead of “pond raised’ in most farm raised products. All items regardless of harvest method are inspected by US health departments.

What is Oceanside's Refund Policy?

If you feel the quality of the product(s) are not as stated, please contact us immediately. Please follow the order tracking information that was sent out at the time of shipment. Packages should be opened and the contents should be transferred to a freezer as soon as possible, we can not be held liable for orders that have been delivered and have sat outside for a unreasonable period of time. 

We can not be held liable for packages that are late due to lack of access to homes, apartment buildings or businesses. Example; Closures, Off hours, Inadequate delivery instructions or apartments that require visitors to be "buzzed in".

If either UPS or FedEx state that they are unable to deliver the package on the first attempt due to any of the listed reasons above, a refund will not be granted and the customer will be responsible for the package. 
This is a perishable good and it is critical that the customer has a delivery address that can accommodate on time deliveries.

If the package arrives thawed and unusable for any reason outside of the noted conditions above, we will re-ship a replacement order as soon as possible.

How can I cancel an order?

 Oceanside Seafood will accept order cancellations until the product has shipped. We will refund back 100% of the purchase amount, but orders cannot be canceled after shipping has commenced. Typically all orders are processed and shipped by 4 pm. EST during our Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday shipping period.

How should I properly thaw my Seafood?

 With all meats there are preferred methods in which to handle product in order to ensure safe consumption. We recommend thawing all seafood products in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours before preparing. It is advised to open any vacuum packed item before thawing. 

While some items may be listed as “Sashimi” it is still recommended to cook seafood fully before serving. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.