Walleye Fillets (Skinless)

Walleye Fillets (Skinless)

Regular price $74.95 Sale (3 lb. Bag) Large Fillets

  • Skinless Fillets - Vacuum Packed
  • 10 to 16 oz. Fillets
  • Wild Caught
  • Product of USA

If you're looking for a mild fish with delicious flavor, you can't go wrong with Walleye Fillets from Oceanside Seafood. This fish has flaky and tender meat and can be pan-seared, fried, baked, or grilled to provide a delectable meal.

Our Walleye Fillets are locally caught in the pristine freshwater of Michigan's Great Lakes and immediately frozen locking in flavor. Each fillet is frozen separately, so you can use them all at once or save them to create multiple meals.

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