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Yellow Lake Perch
Yellow Lake Perch

Yellow Lake Perch

Regular price $39.95 Sale (1 lb. Package)

  • Available in 1 lb. or 5 lb. Package
  • 7-10 Fillets per pound
  • Skin-On & Butterflied
  • Wild Caught
  • Product of USA
Although it usually isn't one of the first types of fish that comes to mind, many people consider Yellow Lake Perch to be the most delicious fish found in the Great Lakes. Lake Perch features a sweet taste and firm texture that is easy to pan fry.

Our Yellow Lake Perch are caught in Lake Huron and are shipped after being deboned and cleaned to make preparation a breeze. Enjoy what the locals love and have Yellow Lake Perch from Oceanside Seafood delivered to your home.

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