Colossal Prawns (6/8 ct.)

Colossal Prawns

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  • 6 - 8 Ct. (12 to 16 per Bag)
  • Shell-on & Deveined
  • Farm Raised
  • Product of Bangladesh
There's nothing small about these shrimp! Our Colossal Prawns are a fantastic choice for grilling or broiling with your favorite sauce or seasoning. These prawns are not your traditional shrimp, they are found in freshwater and have a firm, sweet flavor similar to lobster. These prawns are unlike anything you'll find at a seafood restaurant or your local grocery store. The prawns are de-veined and prepared with a split shell before being shipped, making at-home preparation easier than ever. To serve, cut down the prawn's back to create a butterfly style. Cook seasoned with your favorite rub, spices, or sauce, then enjoy! Need help?