Ceviche 101

Have you been craving something super fresh and super simple? Ceviche is an easy dish to create that does not require a cooktop to enjoy. Seafood lovers beware, this dish will give you a newfound appreciation for freshness and a simplistic preparation you can enjoy right after a good catch.

Ceviche is an excellent dish to prepare a variety of seafood, such as:

  • Shrimp
  • Snapper
  • Halibut
  • Scallops

Whether you’re making ceviche at home or buying ceviche from your favorite seafood restaurant, you will be equipped with the knowledge to ensure your ceviche is always the freshest. Stay tuned for today’s lesson on oceanside seafood: Ceviche 101.


What is Ceviche?

Ceviche is the cooking preparation of raw fish or other seafood through marination. Ceviche marinades contain a high percentage of acid, usually, citrus, that "cook" the fish or seafood, making it safe to eat. Ceviche is commonly made using citrus fruits such as lime, lemon, or grapefruit. The citric acid in these fruits' juice helps to break down the proteins in the fish, making them palatable, enjoyable, and uber-fresh.

Ceviche preparation can expand to a variety of flavors. Here are some common ingredients found in a ceviche dish:

  • Onion
  • Cilantro
  • Garlic
  • Avocado
  • Tomatoes


How to Make Ceviche At-Home

When it comes to making ceviche at home, the most important factors to consider are the freshness of seafood, the marinade, and marination time. Having fresh seafood will positively contribute to the ceviche's overall taste, but it will also ensure that your seafood is safe to consume. Use these tips to tell if your fish is fresh before you start making ceviche at home.

While you can include various flavors in your ceviche, the ceviche must have the right amount of acidity concerning the quantity of fish. To ensure your marinade is breaking down the fish appropriately, make sure it covers the fish's contents completely. You can use a blend of citrus juices to achieve unique flavors and a higher volume of juice.

You'll know your marinade has successfully broken down the fish or seafood by observing the fish's physical characteristics. It should change in color, just as it would if it was cooking on a stove. For example, shrimp should turn into light pink color. Aim to marinate your fish or seafood for at least thirty minutes to an hour before consuming.


What to Look for When Buying Ceviche

Ceviche is an excellent brunch or lunch option for when you’re out and about, but not all ceviche is created equal. Let’s take a look at what you should be considering before ordering or buying ceviche.

Whether you’re at a gourmet market or a seafood restaurant, always ask to check when the ceviche was prepared or about how fresh the fish or seafood is. Using old seafood is not only going to ruin the dish, but it can be unsanitary and unsafe to eat since ceviche is a form of raw preparation.

Freshness is one of the key factors in determining the success of a ceviche. If you’re in the market to buy ceviche supplies, check out our home delivery information to save yourself a trip to the grocery store.

With summer right around the corner, you’ll be craving a refreshing chilled dish that keeps you out of a hot kitchen. If you like making ceviche at-home or buying ceviche from your favorite restaurant, one thing remains – the freshness of your seafood can make or break this dish.

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