Enjoy our Soups

There’s nothing like a piping hot bowl of soup with seafood in every spoonful to warm you up on a chilly day. You can serve a bowl with your favorite seafood side dish for a hearty lunch or enjoy it alongside your seafood feast. The options are limitless. While homemade soups are always delicious and made with love, it's sometimes easier to purchase a ready to heat and serve option. Let's take a look at both options and which suits your needs.


Making Soups with Seafood at Home

Whether you have leftover seafood from a dish you prepare or are venturing out and trying something new with your seafood delivery, soup is a creative way to whip up new recipes for the family. We love experimenting with new blends of herbs and spices with tasty pieces of seafood for soups, stews, chowders, and gumbos. It allows you to season to taste and control the consistency, ingredients, and amount you desire.


Necessary Ingredients for Soups with Seafood

While we encourage you to explore with all your favorites, it can be a bit intimidating if this is your first pot of soup with seafood. We recommend starting simple and playing with the basics of a fantastic base for your soup with seafood. We start with:


Soups with Seafood Take Time

Great flavor takes time and patience, so plan to create your soups with plenty of time on your hands. Our best tip is to allow your vegetables to cook over low heat for as long as possible for the best flavors. You'll notice a tremendous difference in the flavors you get from a slow sauté versus boiling your stock and vegetables together in a pot.

This tip works for your seafood choice as well. After properly thawing your seafood leftovers or trimmings, add them to your soup base last and allow plenty of time for them to simmer. The results of slow soup preparation will leave your mouth watering.


Ready-Made Soups with Oceanside Seafood

Short on time and prefer not to create your own soups? There’s no reason we can’t all enjoy a bowl of seafood soup this winter. You can still reward your taste buds with incredible soups with seafood that taste like they are just off the stovetop.

If you enjoy thick, creamy soup bases, how do hand-cut potatoes and the sweetness of tender clams in a New England Clam Chowder sound? Or perhaps you’re more of a Rockport Lobster Bisque fan. In minutes, you can be dipping your favorite slice of bread into a bowl of rich and creamy bisque full of buttery lobster meat. Have you had the pleasure of tasting the blends of tender blue crab, roe, and sherry? You may fall in love with the cream-based Charleston She-Crab soup.

If southern soups are more your style, we have a Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo that will whisk your senses to a Louisiana kitchen. No slaving away over the stove; just heat and serve for instant gratification.

Whichever method suits your needs best, a flavorful bowl of seafood soup will never let you down.